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RCS Communicating Thermostats function as standard thermostats and in addition allow remote commands to set specific temperature setpoints and HVAC modes.  Models control standard gas/electric or Heatpump, multi-stage heat and cool.


Zone Controllers
High-quality HVAC zone controllers operate multiple, independent comfort zones in your home using your single heating and A/C system.  Zoning reduces energy use by not heating or cooling unused zones. Improves comfort level within the home by allowing independent control of each zone's temperature.


This line of round, extra rigid motorized dampers is ideal for zoning, sub-zoning or local switch applications for your home's heating/cooling system.  Available in sizes of 6" through 16", as either normally open or normally closed versions (spring returned position).


Control your home with RCS Home Automation and Energy Management Controllers.  Models include multiple serial ports, RS485 port, X10 Interface and built in I/O.  All RCS Controllers include PC software for setup and creation of schedules.


Touchpanels and Keypads
RCS Touchpanels and keypads are a powerful hardware/software platform for creating custom user interfaces.  Screens and buttons can be linked to control any device on the CommStar network via the CommStar Network Control Units. Combine multiple functions into a user interface (i.e., thermostats, lighting, security and relay controlled actions).


Complete your installation with accessories that round out your system. Remote temperature sensors, RS-485 hubs and interfaces help simplify any installation.


Relay Panels
The X-10 Relay Panels responds to standard X-10 On and Off commands to control 4, 8 or 16 independent DPDT relays.  Each Relay Panel is available with standard, pulsed or momentary relay control.



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