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serial RS485




Zwave Thermostats


New 1 piece design







Separate Heat and Cool Setpoints
Up to 3 Stage Heat, 2 Stage Cool
Remote control of most functions via Zwave
Two part design or New 1 piece design
Backlit LCD Wall Display Unit
For standard gas/electric or heat pump HVAC systems
Replaces existing 4 or more wire thermostats without the need for additional wiring (TZ16/TZ40)
Optional Remote Temperature Sensor
Power: 24VAC supplied from HVAC system
Supports the ZWave thermostat device class


The TZ16, TZ40 and TZ43 Zwave Thermostats monitors and controls an HVAC mechanical system via it's standard thermostat connections. The TZ16 and TZ40 consists of two components, the Wall Display Unit (WDU) and the Thermostat Control Unit (TCU).  The TZ43 is a single unit all-in-one design. 


HVAC Systems Compatibility

Works with standard Gas/Electric or Heat Pump HVAC mechanical Systems

2-stage Heating, 2-stage Cooling for Gas/Electric systems.

3-stage Heating, 2-stage Cooling for Heat Pump systems.

Fan selection for fan w/heat operation.

Heat Pump Changeover selectable for Heat or Cool operation.

Ordering Info

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Serial Thermostat Users Manuals
TZ16-Manual Zwave  TZ16 Thermostat Users Manual
TZ40-Product Brief TZ40 Product Brief
TZ40 Manual Zwave  TZ40 Thermostat Users Manual
TZ43-Product Brief TZ43 Product Brief
TZ43 Manual Zwave  TZ43 Thermostat Installation Manual
Remote Sensor Data Sheets
RS15 Remote Temperature Sensor, for TS16/TS40
RTS3 Remote Temperature Sensor for TZ43
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