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ZC Series
ZCVx Series




ZCVx 2/4/6 Series HVAC Zone Control System with RS485 Communication



2-6 Independent Temperature Control Zones

For Standard Or Heat Pump HVAC Systems

Uses RCSLink-2 Wall Display Units or Sensors

Remote Status and Control of System via RS-485

Outdoor Sensor Input

24VAC Control Outputs for Zone Dampers

Vent Damper Control For Fresh Air Ventilation

Auto Changeover from Heating to Cooling modes



2 Zone



4 Zone


RCS Six Zone HVAC Control Unit


6 Zone



The ZCV 2/4/6 HVAC Zone Control system provides up to 6 independent temperature control zones on a single HVAC mechanical system. The zones are controlled by regulating the flow through  forced air dampers.  Local thermostat functions are controlled  by up to 6 TS16 or TS40  Wall Display Units which allow setpoint, system mode and fan mode control.  In addition a vent damper can be open or closed to allow controlled fresh air ventilation.  All zone and system information can be read or controlled remotely via RS-485 network interfaces.

HVAC Systems Compatibility

Works with Standard Systems (2 stage heat/ 2 stage cool)
Works with Heat Pump Systems (3 stage heat/ 2 stage cool)
Separate Heat and Cool Setpoints
Fan selectable for Standard Fan or Fan with Heat operation
Heat Pump Systems selectable for changeover with heat or cool
Supports Auto Changeover between Heat and Cool modes

Zone Sensors or Wall Display Units (WDU)

Works with up to 6 TS16 or TS40 Wall Display Units
Separate input for Outside temperature sensor (RS-5)

Zone Outputs

Works with 24VAC 2 wire, normally open, two position Zone Dampers
Separate Vent Damper 24VAC 3 wire, power open/power close output

Remote Communications Interface

RS-485, 2 wire half-duplex operation
9600 Baud
Addressable Zone Addresses 1-254
Read Temperatures, Setpoints and Modes remotely
Set Setpoints, Modes and Fan operation (Auto/On) remotely  
Read mechanical system status


Power: 24VAC for Dampers

Ordering Info

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ZCVx Manuals
ZCV2 Wiring Diagram
ZCV2 Installation Manual
ZCV4 Wiring Diagram
ZCV4 Installation Manual
ZCV6 Installation Manual
Remote Sensor Data Sheets
RS15 Remote Temperature Sensor, for TS16/TR60
Serial Protocol Specifications
Serial Protocol RCS Serial Thermostat Command Set, ZC6R
Non-Current Product Documentation
ZC6R-Product Brief ZC6R Product Brief
ZC6R-Manual ZC6R Users Manual
ZC6R-WD ZC6R Wiring Diagram
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