Communicating Smart Thermostats

RCS wireless digital thermostats are compatible with a wide range of communication protocols (Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, and RDS) and are compatible with most HVAC systems. Each model has a graphical LCD display that provides a robust menu-driven thermostat interface, easy network setup and messaging capability.

Z-Wave Communicating Thermostats
For use in network of other Z-Wave devices to provide remote monitoring and control.
TBZ70 Product Specifications (PDF)
TZ45HR Product Specifications (PDF)
TBZ48 Product Specifications (PDF)

Zigbee Communicating Thermostat
Works with other Zigbee enabled products for point to point communications or supports SEP 1.0.
TZB45 Product Specifications (PDF)


Wi-Fi Communicating Thermostat
Can be used as a standalone control device with iPhones, iPads, smart phones or part of a remote monitoring and control network solution.
TW45 Product Specifications (PDF)

Energy Monitoring and Control

Energy monitoring can lead to reduced energy costs through improved efficiency through energy management control and awareness.

Sensors & Control

Wireless sensors and control pads are an economical way to efficiently manage energy and provide greater comfort in residential, commercial, and hospitality applications.

Whole House Energy Meter
RCS energy meters provide for 2 or 3 channels of energy monitoring using current transformers (CTs) to provide real-time kW consumption and total kWh accumulation. Can be used for whole house energy monitoring or multi-channel sub-load monitoring.
EM52 Whole House Energy Meter Product Specifications (PDF)


Wireless Controllers
The SCG5 is a battery powered Z-Wave programmable 5 Touch Button keypad. The
SCG5 is designed to inter-operate with all Z-Wave systems capable of supporting the Central Scene Command Class. Each button label is independently programmable via the Screen Meta-data Command Class.
SCG5 Wireless Controller Product Sheet (PDF)

Power Monitoring and Control Contactor
The PMC30 measures and controls 30Amp 120/240/277VAC loads such as pool/spa pumps, electric water heaters, or HVAC systems. Measures instantaneous kW consumption and total kWh accumulation. Provides for remote on/off control for energy management solutions.
PMC40 Power Monitoring and Control Contactor Product Specifications (PDF)


Remote Temperature Sensors
Allows monitoring of whole home without the need to install wiring.
RTH100Z Remote Temperature Sensor Prodcut Specifications (PDF)


Motion Sensors and Door/Window Sensors
Adjust temperature and control based on occupancy, open windows and doors and motion set trigger events.
Available through Ecolink Technology, our affiliate.